Where ideas go to die.

You can’t break my heart.
It’s already liquid,
From when it melted for you.

I’m tired of all of my time being spent looking forward.

I want to enjoy now, for once. 

I want to go crazy just for a little bit.

Not like, stupid crazy, just do stuff I normally wouldn’t.

Do things and not care about the consequences.

Do something for me.

Nothing I do makes me happy unless I’m with people I care about.

Everything just seems to be a mild distraction.

I just want to stop being let down.


I hate not being able to go places.
I hate not being able to just, go.
I go crazy when I’m locked up at home all day with no one to talk to, and nothing to do.
There’s no passion in a day like that, and why do anything if you don’t have a passion for it?
And being bored out of your mind has a side effect of having nothing to do but think.
Think about how excited you are for things.
To think about how happy you could be if things actually worked out for once.
To think about how devastating it will be when things don’t.
To think about how stupid you are for even thinking things could go right I the first place.
Every time something happens to give me a sliver of hope for my future, something happens to take it right away.
I’m tired of this vicious cycle playing on my emotions.
I want it to end.

It’s a fun little fantasy to think things might work out someday.

Insomnia’s been flaring up again lately. The only sleep I’ve had in the past 4 days was a 20 minute nap at the church. This is great…

I like to research stuff.

So, I’ve been wanting to try something. Cracked.com is a website that I read daily. They are extremely funny, and extremely informative. I’ve been wanting to give writing comedy/trivia articles a try. So I would appreciate it if people would help give me ideas on categories I could just, reflect upon, and potentially write about, that would be awesome. It would be a greatly appreciated learning experience for me.